Sunday, January 23, 2011

Intial Reactions to Fantasy 8e

So, my friends and I decided to play a small 3 way battle using the new Warhammer Fantasy 8e rules. It went by fairly slowly and with much reading of the rules, but I certainly learned a lot about the new rules set. I'll go through the phases and indicate changes and thoughts.


Premeasuring does kinda make this part easier and more tactical. The charge rule change means a lot more risk taking and unknowns that play in. It certainly is interesting, but not a whole lot of changes here.


This part of the game has changed DRASTICALLY. The random dice generation and wizard spells certainly wreak havoc with any magic based game plan. Even more powerful spells may be not worth it due to miscasting. It's certainly a lot less powerful and a whole hell more risky.


Pretty much the same. The warmachines have changed rules, but generally the same old shit.


Again, pretty much the same. Combat resolution is slightly different, but overall very similar.

The list building rules also change the army formations and composition, but I think it works fairly well. Overall, it still retains the fun it used to for me and I am definitely excited to learn more about 8e.


  1. Axiom 1: I have never been a fan of Fantasy, until 8th edition.

    Hypothesis 1: You could not be more wrong about close combat.
    Hypothesis 2: You are missing a bigger picture. (a tie-in with hypothesis 1)

    My biggest gripe about Fantasy was that I would build and paint 40 infantry models and never get to play with them. What I mean is, in 6th and 7th editions of Fantasy it was all to common for me to get charged, lose 5 models, not be able to attack back, auto-break due to "fear" or some crap and get run down. This blew ass.

    In 8th edition, this scenario is highly unlikely with the way they changed combat.

    The designers seem to have put more a focus on "using more of your models" for shooting and close combat. I applaud this, it makes the game better and makes me feel that I get more use out of models I have bought, assembled, and painted.

    Granted I have only played a dozen or so games of 8th, but I am really enjoying the 8th edition rules.

    P.S. I like the new background art.


  2. That's true, I neglected to mention the two ranks rules now. That is a MAJOR improvement. Resolution rules also tie into that, which is also an excellent improvement. In my head, I was mostly referring to the combat system of dice rolls and progression of steps.

    I kinda lumped the new charge rules into movement. Although that certainly does affect close combat... flaw in my organization of thoughts :P. On a personal note, It's pretty sweet that dwarves can actually counter charge, after much of 7e sitting and getting charged.

    Its funny that you mention feeling like you use the models, cause I was thinking about how that is a great marketing idea by GW. You want that horde of Elf Spearmen? Gotta go buy 2 or 3 boxes of Spearmen! It's a smart move on their part.

    Next time I'm in town, we should play a game of Fantasy. And thanks, I really like this art as well. I thought it gave the design a much more vibrant quality.