Monday, January 10, 2011

Countering Thunderwolf Cav?

So, my good friend PJ and I had a game of 40k on Saturday. He brought a Space Wolves list that basically including a massive squad of Thunderwolves and 4 Lords on mounts. This was at 1500 points -_-

I took my normal Shadow Guard 1500 list, and I was completely trashed. The most I could do was roadblock his models and try and lay some shooting into them. Even then, the 3+ invulnerable saves and 2 wounds and wound allocation killed that attempt.

It brings the question to my mind. How would I best defeat these models with my balanced list? Is there even a definite counter that can be created?


  1. What is your normal Shadow Guard list?
    How were these Wolf Lords equipped?
    What wargear and sagas did they have?


  2. Heavy support normally nukes them. I play Marines, and a Thunderfire Cannon or Devastator squad with meltas or Heavy Bolters seem to nuke them pretty well.

  3. Play for the objectives and nuke his support elements - he's got to be running light on troops and/or ranged firepower to run that squad. Keep your units spread out so he'll have to either content himself with rushing across the board or risk detaching his HQs from the unit.

    Specifically for your balanced list...

    Let Kantor start on the field - his Orbital Bombardment can help eliminate support units and might even do some damage to the Thunderwolves.

    Deepstrike your Terminators, preferably near an objective or a unit that can't fight back - force him to either recall his heavy hitters or let you contest/ rack up kill points.

    Rune Priests might make this dangerous, but you could deploy your Librarian with one of the Tactical Squads for some extra mobility; Infinity Gate could either get them out of charge range or ensure that the Thunderwolves have to charge back towards their own lines to get at them.

    You can't take that unit in a straight fight, but if you can control where and when it charges, you can make it irrelevant.

    Hope that helps a bit.


  4. Saint Omerville:

    This is the list that I brought

    I can't remember exactly what he brought, but I believe it was Wolf Claw, Storm Shield then saga of the bear, warrior born, majesty, and then wolfkin. Then he had three extras that had a frost blade storm shield, mark of the wulfen storm shield, and then I think a power weapon storm shield.

  5. Oh yeah, I can definitely see that list getting rolled. You don't really have the tools to combat a squad like that.

    One important thing you need is to keep Null Zone up around them, so they re-roll their Storm Shield saves.
    For Space Marines, a Vindicator plus Null Zone is an ideal combo.

    If the wolf lords do not have Runic Armor, you can hit them with Missile Spam.
    Your Thunderhammer & Storm Shield units can hold up for a while, but will eventually fold due to weight of attacks. Alternatively, you could try to break them and have them run off the board.
    What you can do is scare them with S10 weapons. Something you do not have.

    Sadly, since you took Pedro, you cannot choose to fall back.

    In Short, new list.


  6. That's probably the best solution to the problem.

    However, I'm not terribly inclined to revamp a list simply to counter this one particular concept of TWC in your face!

    Especially considering that the other things PJ brought, his Grey Hunters and Rhinos, were wiped turn 2.

    So, I may just have to put TWC in the book as "Hard to handle. Period"

  7. You aren't giving yourself the tools to handle a variety of things.

    In short, new list. Not because of your problems with Thunderwolves.