Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Political Note

First post in a very long time. Just thought I would add this.

In other news, I am officially an English Major with a concentration in Education!

Here is the note:

I find it very very amusing that democrats are depressed at the results of these elections. My question to those of you who feel this way: Are you really that surprised? Political Analysts have been predicting this reversal for months now. In reality, the party has no one to blame but themselves. Consider the fact that the Democrats controlled both legislative houses, the executive, and have placed 2 supreme court justices. What more control did they need? Seriously. Please, give me your responses. I am curious. PS. Before you respond, consider my political affiliation. If you don't know, look at my info page. It's NOT Republican. I find BOTH parties hypocritical. I am simply a commentator looking for some intellectual stimulation

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