Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dark Eldar Thoughts

So, my good friend Nick just bought the new Dark Eldar codex, and it is silly good. There are so many versatile units and weapons. Suddenly, with the addition of 2 blast pistols, your Wyches can snipe a vehicle or two. It's crazy. The speed and mobility can honestly counter any sort of MEQ type unit. I'm excited and a little fearful to fight against these sadists.

We did a few test combats just to see what would happen. Charging Wyches are crazy scary. They pretty consistently won combats by large margins, especially if the combat drug roll was in their favor. They aren't very sturdy in combat, but with the first strike, they weaken your forces.

The poison weapons mechanic is very nice, especially versus Tyranid and high toughness units. Even though they are unable to harm vehicles, they have plenty of Dark Lances for that.

The Arcane Wargear can also get a little crazy. There is one item called a Soul Trap that doubles your Strength for each IC or MC killed. Suddenly, you can have a S10 Archon -_- . Great.

I'm really excited for Nick to make this army. Dark Eldar seem to be a great new codex.

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