Friday, November 26, 2010

Bad to the Bone-Fantasy

So, after some 40k thoughts, here are my Fantasy thoughts.

Beastmen- Army looks pretty dang sweet, with the exception of a few models. The idea of ambush is also very very cool. The beasts are also really cool too. This is a good possibility.

Daemons of Chaos- I don't really have any interest. They look cool, and they are monstrous on the battlefield, but I don't care. :P

Dark Elves- They look awesome, and I dig the idea of a flurry of crossbow bolts. The balance is cool, and they definitely exemplify evil in the Old World. Probably a top choice.

Lizardmen?- Are they evil? Haha.

Ogre Kingdoms- Interesting for sure, but the models don't really suit my style. The monstrous infantry thing is pretty cool though.

Orcs and Goblins- Also a top choice. The variety and choices are definitely a plus. The chance to be stupid however is not.

Skaven- Island of Blood definitely makes this army a top choice. They look great, and the tactics seems like a ton of fun. Still needs some thought.

Tomb Kings- Undead is meh to me.

Vampire Counts- Undead is meh to me.

Warriors of Chaos- They seem to be crazy good, and they look awesome. Also, a top choice.

Some simple overview type thoughts. I'll put up another poll for this one. Thoughts?


  1. Beastmen- In my opinion the models look better in the pictures then in real life. Plus the Beastmen fluff is just poorly done, once again, my opinion.

    Daemons of Chaos- Quite powerful, and easy to paint. Otherwise no thoughts.

    Dark Elves- Very cool indeed. Crossbows do have some drawbacks though.

    Lizardmen- Neither evil nor good. They're actually one of the coolest races in my opinion, just because their so alien.

    Ogre Kingdoms- Cool, but I don't think you'd like them much.

    Orcs and Goblins- They're rather silly. I don't know if you'd enjoy "animosity."

    Skaven- They're okay, but a lot of people are starting Skaven forces because of Island of Blood, Alex included.I don't think you'd like them all that much to be honest though.

    Tomb Kings & Vampire Counts- Need more GW support and new models.

    Warriors of Chaos- Very cool, but the modeling possibilities on the actual Chaos Warriors is virtually nonexistent, so that's one thing. Plus Brandon plays them, so theres another.

    High Elves don't even get a mention?! What is this CRAP?!

  2. Of course High Elves don't get a mention, they aren't evil!

    Thanks for the input, Seth. I appreciate it.

  3. Ah. You should likely mention Wood Elves then, because though they're not officially "evil" they're pretty much a race of assholes.