Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bad to the Bone-40k

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! 

So, I have been debating on a new army project to start, but I'm steering away from the forces of Order. For both Fantasy and 40k, I have been debating on a new "Destruction" army for both, after I finish painting most of my Dwarves and Imperials.

So here are my thoughts on the races; we will start with 40k first.

Chaos Daemons- They look like a ton of fun. However, the prospect of getting ROFLstomped by a Land Raider is less than pleasing. Lots of assault capabilities, but not very much shooting. The models are pretty cheap and are really cool looking to paint and build.

Chaos Space Marines- Look good on paper, suck in the game. Some people can absolutely trash others with CSM, but others get crushed. I still can't really develop a build that I like and that works, but I would try hard to do so. I'm also trying to move away from Spaz Mareens.

Dark Eldar- Look badass, but they are definitely not my style. I kinda like my guys to take a few hits. :P

Necron- DESPERATELY need an update. I think they would be a lot of fun, but the models are kinda bland and the rules suck. If they got an update, I'd consider picking them up.

Orks- Fun, easy to play and build, but I'm not much of an Orky player. There is some potential, however, for me to change my mind.

Tyranid- Currently my optimum choice. I see Nids as being the most fun and most versatile. The number of models I would need, however, isn't terribly attractive.

Thoughts? I'll put up a later post on the Fantasy side of things.

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