Saturday, November 13, 2010

Arkham Games Trip

Today, I went to the Arkham Games, and I played two games of Warhammer 40k. My first opponent was a Dark Angels player named Dalton. He brought a mix of normal Tactical Marines and threw in some Deathwing Terminators for flavor. Belial and Ezekial also made an appearance. It was a pretty straight-foward table edge, 4 objective game. I won fairly solidly, with 3 objectives in hand.

My second opponent was Ben, the tyranid expert up at Arkham. He brought an interesting ambush concept list with a Hive Tyrant with Hive Commander, 2 Zoanthropes with a spore, 3 Lictors, Ymgaril(sp?) Genestealers, 10 Termagants, a Tervigon, a Harpy, and a Trygon Prime. It was a very close, back and forth games, but in the interest of time, and the impending defeat, I conceded. It was actually my first defeat in a while, and it was definitely humbling. I chose some poor tactics, and I suffered. I enjoy a challenge, and Ben brings it.

I think next week, I may bring Tau. Its very tempting.

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