Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 3

Game 3

So, after the second round, I have 36 battle points. There is one person above me, a Tyranid player named Ben with 38. Oh boy.

Here is his list. From the best of memory and knowledge:

Tyranid Prime with 2 Boneswords
2 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthropes
Doom of Malantai with a mycetic spore
4 Tyranid Warriors
15 Hormagaunts
15 Hormagaunts
10 Termagaunts with Fleshborers
10 Termagaunts with Fleshborers
Trygon Prime

The mission was again objectives. There was an altar in the middle that created small blasts that gained Strength as the game went on if it was not already contested. Around the altar was 4 other smaller objectives. The setup was table quarters. Luckily I managed to take a corner with plenty of cover and buildings.

Naturally Ben set up as close to me as possible. Particularly the Trygon and Tervigon. He set up a wave type assault with the big bugs in front, the warriors and Hive guard, and in the far back, the Hormagaunts and Termagaunts.

I castled up hard with devastators, a tactical squad, terminators with Librarian and I combated one of the others to capture the objective near to the building. I was expecting a full on rush. 

Turn 1, Ben moved everything foward. One squad of hormagaunts was going around a ruin to get an objective nearby and get cover. The rest of everything was moving towards me quickly.

My turn, I dropped my Sternguard near the building, but it scattered right toward the trygon, obscuring it giving it some cover. DAMN.  So, firing missiles, hellfire bolters, and lascannons only took out 3 wounds. Some bolter fire knocked out a few termagants. The full squad started moving towards the same objective as the sneaky hormagants. The terminators and librarian teleported towards the center, but off a slight bit.

His turn, more fleeting along with some spawned termagaunts. His Doom had yet to appear. A squad of hormagants, termagaunts, and the trygon fired on the sternguard, but thankfully only killed 2. The assault from the three however was much worse. The Trygon knocked out Pedro, but 5 Sternguard were killed. 5 gants were killed, but the Sternguard broke and ran away. Suddenly Ben had 2 objectives to my zero. Oh boy.

On turn massed firing knocked out all of the gants on the objectives. I didnt even bother with the Big Bugs, I just needed the objectives free to pick up later. My Terminators charge the rest of the gants on the center objective and kill the squad, contesting the middle.

On his turn, more moving and spawning and objective taking. The Doom also lands behind my castle. Ugh. The Doom knocks out a couple marines, and the Sternguard are run down by the Trygon. More gaunts fire and charge my Terminators and manage to survive with taking some casualties. They are fearless due to the Tervigon. Ugh again. This looks like a tough one to make it through. But I have a chance.

Again, more torrenting manages to free the objective. My combat squad and big tactical squad manage to take two objectives.

Game ends due to time. His Tervigon was short of the center, and so was the sneaky Hormagants. A victory for the Shadow Guard! I wish we had more to play it out, I think that the game may have gone either way.

In total, I had 50 Battle Points, and the lead over Ben. Best Overall and $50 dollars to Arkham.

Great Success.

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