Friday, September 17, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 2

Game 2

My next opponent was John. He actually brought a Daemons Army. Unfortunately, he did not have an extra copy of his list, so this is what I remember:

Lord Of Change
Herald of Tzeentch
Wings, Bolt of Tzeentch, We are Legion
10 Bloodletters
10 Plaguebearers
Icon, Noxious Touch, Musician
10 Plaguebearers
Icon, Noxious Touch, Musician
10 Horrors with the Changeling
4 Fiends
Daemon Prince
Khorne, Wings, Iron Hide

    The game was a modified objectives mission. There were 3 objectives, 2 Gun Emplacements and a Bastion in a line on the center of the board. The Bastion was worth 2 objectives and the Emplacements were worth 1. The setup was a Dawn of War setup, which normally I despise, but it worked out in my favor. I had won the roll-off for deployment, so I was able to take the 1 Gun Emplacement and the center Bastion almost immediately, with a smaller threat of retribution.

     My first turn consisted of my Devs moving on the table, along with my Terminators. The Sternguard dropped over on the right emplacement. My tactical squads took up firing positions near the two objectives.

     John rolled for his Daemonic Assault and sadly rolled a 2, choosing his second half. It consisted of the Lord of Change, the Daemon Prince, the Bloodletters, and the Plaguebearers.

    The Lord of Change hit directly next to the middle bastion, the Daemon Prince landed behind a buidling and the bloodletters landed directly next to the Gun Emplacement. Shooting Phase he spent running and spreading out with most of his units, and fired off a Bolt of Change, but it was negated by my Librarian.

    My second turn I unleashed my firepower on all of his units. With the help of Null Zone, I took out 3 Plaguebearers and the whole squad of Bloodletters.

    On his turn, all of his reserve units came down. He had his entire army on the field; I definitely wasn't expecting that. Again, each of his units landed next to my units. His herald of Tzeentch next to the far left squad, another squad of Plaguebearers, Epidemius, and the Fiends next the middle squad, and horrors next to my Sternguard. He shot at the left squad with his Herald and incinerated 1 with a Bolt of Change, His Lord of Change shot at the Terminators and killed 1 Terminator. His horrors shot at the Sternguard and managed to kill 2. His Plaguebearers assaulted the far left squad and managed to kill 1 Marine without taking any casualties. Morale check failed. Stubborn Ld 9? Sigh. Managed to get away and back away 8 inches.

    Turn Three. Time to unload. The regrouped squad annihilates the Herald of Tzeentch. The Middle Squad fires at the Fiends and kills 2. The Terminators prepare to assault the Plaguebearers. The Devs light up the plaguebearers causing 2 casualties, and the now exposed Daemon Prince which surprisingly took 1 wound. The Sternguard fire upon the Horrors and kill about 6. The Terminators assault the Plaguebearers, take no wounds and managed to kill 5. Combat resolutions kills another 2.

    How does John respond? Lots of assault. Everything moves into assault except the Lord of Change which takes a few potshots at the middle squad of Marines and kills two. His left Plaguebearers move back to the objective and take cover. The Fiends assault my middle squad of Marines, and the Horrors and the Daemon Prince assault Pedro and the Sternguard. The Fiends manage to kill 1 and take two casualties back. Combat resolution kills none. The Plaguebearers all fall to the wrath of the Terminators, leaving only Epidemius who is at full wounds. The Horrors are beaten down thanks to Pedro and his aura of fantastic. Pedro takes a wound from the Daemon Prince, but deals two wounds! Vote for Pedro! The Daemon Prince then falls to combat resolution. Damn.

   On my turn, everything else dies. The Marines slowly defeat the Plaguebearers on the left, the Fiends are destroyed, as is Epidemius by the Terminators. This leaves only the Lord of Change which attacks the Librarian and the middle squad. The Lord of Change whiffs and takes a wound.

   Game ends due to time. I have two objectives to his none. With my first game ever against Daemons in the books, they are very not scary. I'm sure someone will come along and manhandle me, but for now, I am content. Null Zone!!

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