Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 1

So, here we go. A few abrigded (kinda) battle reports. This is Game 1.

My list: 1500 Point Shadow Guard Strike Force

Pedro Kantor-175

Gate of Infinity, Null Zone

10 Sternguard-285
2x Meltaguns, Power Fist
Drop Pod-35

5 Assault Terminators-200
1 Lightning Claw, 4 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

Game 1.

My first game was against a Blood Angels player named Jason. He brought this list:

Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Heavy Flamer, Chainfist

Sanguinary Priest-75
Jump Pack

Tactical Squad-205
10 Marines, Power Fist, Meltagun

Tactical Squad-170
10 Marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher

Assault Squad-215
10 Marines, Power Weapon, Meltabombs, Flamer

Land Raider Crusader-260

Siege Shield

The mission was an interesting one. It was a modified version of the kill points type mission. The number of kill points the squad was worth depended on the total points of the unit. Essentially each 100 point increment equaled 1 Kill Point. Bonus Points were earned through killing the highest kill point unit of the opponent and keeping yours alive. The setup was a pitched battle set-up with 6 turns of play.

Jason won the roll-off and deployed his forces in a spread formation allowing him to fill all assault lanes. The table set-up was such that 3 lanes were made with scare, small cover was presented. This scared the piss out of me. Either I stopped him quickly, or not at all. In my left lane, he had a vindicator, and a tactical squad on foot, the middle lane contained his land-raider, and the right lane contained the rhino with a tactical squad and assault squad.

I set up my two tacticals spread out in the left lane hugging the back table edge, my devastators in the middle hugging the back table, and the Terminators and Librarian on the far right lane foward. Pedro and the Sternguard were drop podding.

Jason rolled Blood Rage for the foot-slogging marines. Bad luck on that one.

His first turn was fairly strong, his fast vindicator moved a killed off a few tactical marines and everything else moved foward as well. On my turn, I took a giant risk by dropping my sternguard literally in front of the Land Raider. The Terminators and Librarian then gated into the middle slightly behind the sternguard. On my shooting phase I destroyed the demolisher cannon off of the vindicator, blew up the Land Raider, stunned the Rhino and killed 1 Terminator and 3 of the Assault Marine squad. Wow.

And that essentially ended the game for him. His vindicator was gunned down by Lascannons, his Terminators wrecked by Sternguard and Pedro, Rhino and Tactical Squad destroyed by Terminators and Librarian. And the Assault Marine squad gunned down by Krak Missiles and eventually my tactical squads. By the end of turn 6, he was down to a half squad of marines with everything else destroyed.

I earned a major victory and 1 Bonus Point for destoying his highest kill point unit: The Land Raider.

Game 2 is on the way.

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