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The Shadow Guard

Here is my brain child of Warhammer 40k: The Shadow Guard

Shadow Guard Fluff

The Shadow Guard chapter is of the 2nd founding. Their blood line can somewhat be traced to Corax and Raven Guard, but the exact link is not clear. The history of the chapter’s Inception is blurred. Their home planet is called Nox, and it is located on the eastern part of imperial space. Nox is a unique planet, due to its frequent eclipses. The people of Nox, however, have sufficient technology to survive, but the darkness still impedes their lives. Most of Nox is covered by hive cities, with few large manors surrounding them. The Shadow Guard have made their fortress in the Black Mountains, a good distance from any other civilization. While they are far away from the people, they do not make a secret of their presence. Often, when Nox is under attack, the Shadow Guard come from their fortress and fight to save as many people as they can. Often, from the PDF and militia, the Shadow Guard choose those exceptional few to come and possible ascend to the ranks of their chapter. There is no celebration or word given, the initiates are taken to the mountain, never to return.

The Shadow Guard follow several of the tenets of the Codex Astartes. But, for the most part follow the word of their founder Drusus, and his teachings stored in the tome pare bellum. In this volume, he includes all of his favored tactics, and gives his knowledge of war. Drusus was not a particular holy man, or even considered those with divine power. Have no doubt, that he revered the emperor for his might and power. He, however, looked down upon those who ruined his name with superstition and fear. The shadow guard, in turn, have little in the ways of battle rites or traditions. Purple, Black, Gray and silver make up their armor colors. Their heraldry is simple, numbers and a skull as their emblem. They fight together as one, and they have faith in themselves and humanity.

Certain qualities were emphasized by Drusus. First, Drusus was fond of the word impunity. To fight with impunity, was to win the fight. So, Drusus emphasized that having the upper hand was key to winning a battle. So, often the Shadow Guard employ more firepower and ballistics compared to most chapters. They can still fight in melee, but prefer to attack with impunity. In terms of weapon loadout, tactical squads prefer a plasma gun/missle launcher combination, allowing for maximum range. Some squads also meltaguns/ lascannon for the tank hunting capability. Often the sergeant carries a power weapon. Second, Drusus emphasized the idea of brain over brawn. A smart fighter always has the advantage over a stupid fighter. Thus, every marine is a philosopher of war in their own right. They hone their physical skills, but hone their mental skills even farther. Every maneuver, attack, and defense is calculated and precise. Third, Drusus emphasized the trait of wisdom. Experience brings about wisdom good reasoning. Therefore, veterans are more heavily used for their increased knowledge. Sternguard, Dreadnoughts, and Terminators are common in a shadow guard strike force. The elites have fought the enemy many times and know their ways. Also, the veterans do not move into their own company, but are spread out into the other companies to spread their wealth of information. Scouts are employed very seldomly.

Perhaps the most famous company of the Shadow Guard is the 1th company led by Brother-Captain Anias. They are known for the defense of Ioune against the renegade Death Serpents. They also have repelled several different Waaagh!s from Nox, and other surrounding planets. The 1th company also destroyed a necron tomb world, and prevented the awakening of more Necron forces. This is their story…

Battle of the Ruins- Brother-Captain Anais and his forces almost completely destroyed by Ork forces. 1st Company Terminator Squad withstood the charge of the warboss and his boys and managed to survive until Anais could lend aid. Anais holds his ground, keeping the Orks from a key location, until reinforcements arrive, killing almost 10 Orks single-handedly. (Opponent- Seth Rinker. 2/21/10, Hobbytown. 1000 Battle line, Control Ground. Result: Draw)

Hill 72- Forces destroyed by Chaos rebels. Unfortunately, Abaddon the Despoiler, curse his name, joined the forces and almost single-handedly destroyed all forces. Chaplain Minos was also killed. Anais barely escaped with his life. (Opponent- Sean, 5/1/10, Hobbytown. 1000 table corners, Annihilation, Result: Defeat)

Battle of the Grox- Furious battle fought over important Grox farms. Warboss Curbstompa led small band of orks against the farm near the Shadow Guard fotress monastery. Majority of Grox survived leaving a few to the ravenous orks. Large Portion of orks destroyed. (Opponent- Sean, 7/13/10, Hobbytown, 1500 Pitched Battle, Secure and Control, Result: Victory)

Necron Ambush- As Brother Captain Anias and his company were searching through a possible tomb world, a necron scout force attacked them. The Captain quickly rallied his forces and annihilated them. But as they continued on, the awful C’tan known as the Deciever brought a secondary force. Brother Captain Anias quickly called for a retreat. (8/13/10, Brandon Stenger, 2000 Ambush Necron Battle Mission. 2 Games Victory and then Defeat)

Black Crusade- Cursed Abbadon called for another crusade attacking Nox. Forces were prepared for the onslaught and fought viciously. Casualties on both sides were taken, the skirmish ended in a retreat by the Shadow Guard. (Opponent- Sean 8/17/10, 2000 Black Crusade, Defeat. [By one kill point!])

Victory Lane- Abbadon strikes again. Forces completely destroyed by superior armor. Tactical decisions are needed. (Opponent- Sean 8/21/10, 2000 Victory Points, Corners, tabled [Sean’s first tabling of me, of which I am rather happy for him])

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