Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Capitalism Works!

So, the post office lost my shipment of college textbooks. They claim to have delivered them, but I'll just stick with they remember wrong :P. They told me I had to file a claim and only maybe would I get my money or books.

A quick call to, the company who sent the books, and they have a next day shipment to replace the books.

The difference between the two? A federally run organization who gets paid whether the recipient gets their package or not and a company who requires the shipping for customers to continue to do business. They are motivated to perform to customer satisfaction. Otherwise, the customers will cease doing business.

Forget you, Leftist agendas. The Right is Correct.


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  2. That is so horribly off the mark, sir. You couldn't be more wrong about something if you tried! The whole notion of how incorrect you are sickens me to a point where I think I may have to stick my finger in my throat and expel bits of my innards to feel clean again! It's, not just!

    ...Incidentally the rest is completely correct.

  3. My mom ran an online store for approximately 5 years. Like Amazon, she preferred to offer her buyers a variety of shipping methods to meet their budgets and needs. Her experience was that FedEx routinely damaged packages, so she stopped offering that shipping option very early on in the game. UPS was a nice option that allowed packages to be tracked and only rarely did a damaged item complaint come through. But they were significantly more expensive than USPS in most cases.

    USPS was the hands-down preferred shipping method because buyers preferred their prices. She only ever had one item lost in the mail for more than a day, and that one was returned to her after about a month. But as her buyer wanted the cheapest, slowest delivery to keep the cost down, there was no tracking number included. So she had to wait to find out where it was and/or have it returned.

    The truth is that you get what you pay for, no matter what delivery option you select. Humans will handle your packages no matter who they work for. USPS offers tracking, delivery confirmation, and insurance options, all of which mean that the item is scanned every time it is handled and the information is updated to the database so that it can be tracked online. Even with that fee, it is still usually less expensive than UPS.

    The bottom line is that as a seller, Amazon is responsible for ensuring that your item is delivered as promised. That means that they have to replace any item that goes missing. If USPS was losing their packages on a regular basis, it would cost them a fortune to keep sending out new ones. So they would stop using USPS as an option, or at the very least stop allowing customers to purchase without tracking or insurance.

  4. ...And if you did have a tracking number, then are you calling the postal worker a liar? Why would he/she do that? Do you think UPS wants to steal your books?

    Run for cover. The union is clearly after you.

  5. Dear Radicalmeltdown,
    It was the USPS that we had a problem with in this case. The package from Amazon was a "smartpost" package which means (to my understanding, based on tracking info) that it starts out as FedEx and ends up being delivered by USPS. Coincidentally, we had another USPS package delivery that same day which required a signature. The tracking record of that package showed it was signed for at a certain time. The tracking record of the lost package showed it was delivered to our door some 10 minutes later (no signature required). When asked, the postal delivery guy said that he left that package on the doorstep because no one was home; he says he knocked and got no answer. When it was pointed out that we signed for a package not 10 minutes earlier, his story changed to say that it must have taken him that long to get the second package out of the truck and walk back up our driveway (it wouldn't take that long even if he was crawling). We contend that he delivered our package to the wrong house by honest mistake, but was unable to admit it for whatever reason. He stuck to his story that he walked up to our house, knocked on the door, got our signature for the first package, walked back to his truck and got the second package and then just left it on our doorstep. We contend that he delivered it to some other house down the street by mistake. The package has never been found and it has been 4 months. It's not unreasonable to assume dishonesty on SOMEONE'S part, most likely whoever received the package by mistake. The frustration was that the post office's attitude was one of "it's not our job to worry about whether or not your packages are delivered properly." They truly do not have to worry about things like customer service, and that was Dobie's original point. Capitalism Works!