Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who has given me any sort of gift! Whether it is material, or otherwise, I appreciate all that you do for me. :)

Nerd Note: My younger brother got me a new card game called Ergo, a logic based game. It seems pretty interesting, and I intend to test it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ethics Paper

Thought this would be an interesting read for those of you who are philosophical in nature.

Justification in Death: Why killing may not always be wrong

While there are numerous societies, each with their own codes of conduct, there is an universal agreement between the most popular: Murder is wrong. It's incredibly difficult to dispute this argument. I think, however, that there are some justifiable killings in this life. Three particular issues that are still strongly debated are the killing of animals, the killing of human fetuses, and the killing of convicted murderers. These topics have been debated in the moral community for quite some time now, and they form a large portion of political discussion in American society today. Without a wealth of knowledge and information about each of these topics, it is difficult to truly understand their complexity and importance that they have for contemporary society. On each of these moral issues, I think that there is adequate justification for each of my interpretations and evaluations of these problems. I think that meat-eating is an acceptable practice, under the condition that the animals are treated well and have their pain and suffering reduced from the levels common in factory farming techniques. I think that abortion is justified in the case of rape and danger to the mother; however, contraception failure and other lesser justifications are not acceptable. Finally, I think that the Death Penalty is an acceptable practice because it balances out the scales of justice and morality.
Before I begin my analysis of these issues, it is important to define my theory of Independent Moral Standing, or IMS as it will be referred to as. I believe that a being has IMS when they are sentient, specifically having the ability to feel pain and suffering. At this point, they must absolutely be considered when planning out an action. If there is the possibility that
the being may experience pain, then the action must be stopped or altered, unless there is a greater pain that could be caused by inaction. In this particular instance, there is a valid justification for causing this pain. By not considering the interests of the other beings in this sense, we act outside of our moral intuition. Pain is a terrible sensation and it should be reduced as much as possible. This theory is applied in some fashion to each of the moral issues, and it is clear that that interest is the most important factor in my analysis.
The ethical debate for the eating of animals is quite an interesting one. Both sides of the debate bring up excellent points. Some very outspoken advocates for these issues include Peter Singer, R.G Frey, and Carl Cohen. Animals have full IMS because they most certainly can feel pain. Their lives should be as painless as possible, and if they are killed for meat, it should be done as painlessly as possible. In terms of these moral philosophers, I tend to agree with Singer and his call for the cessation of animal pain and suffering, but not necessarily his call for the whole of America to become vegetarian. I tend to agree with R. G. Frey and his argument against Singer. My own reasoning for this is very simple, and it relies on basic principles of nature.
In nature, biologists have defined several inter-species relationships that are often seen. The particular relationship we shall observe is the symbiotic relationship. In a symbiotic relationship, both creatures benefit from the cooperation of the species. A simple example can be found in an aquarium. In a complete aquarium, there are, of course, fish and a small snail. Between them is an example of a symbiotic relationship. The fish eat food and often defecate into the tank. The snail eats the feces, cleaning the tank and ensuring that the potential hydrogen of the water is not negatively effected. Both creatures serve to benefit from this relationship.
With the topic of meat-eating and animal farming, this principle should be taken into consideration. Looking at a typical farm, there is a symbiotic relationship between the farmer and his animals. The farmer provides food and shelter for the animal, who otherwise would have to risk themselves in the objective being that is nature. It is unsure whether they would survive to maturity. The farmer can ensure that they live a long and happy life. In return for a life of comfort and calm, the farmer eventually uses the animal for sustenance, such as meat or milk. While this may entail killing the animal, there is no question that the animal did live a happy, safe life. In this sort of relationship, I believe that meat-eating and farming as a whole is an acceptable practice. When the relationship becomes parasitic, it is no longer sustainable nor acceptable. Parasitic relationships describe those inter-species relations where only one party benefits. Factory farming could be considered a parasitic relationship. We take their lives, but we do not give them comfort or happiness. By keeping them in tiny pens, we break the natural bond between us. This infraction upon the rights of animals is not acceptable, and it should undergo reform. It does not require the full abolition of meat-eating, but we should take great measures to reduce the suffering.
The best argument against my own is the idea that we, as humans, have forced this relationship to occur. By essentially enslaving the animals, we have given little other viable choice for survival other than reliance upon us for nourishment and shelter. It only seems beneficial because we do not know the alternative. To this argument, I have to say this may be very true. The alternative, however, may be just as dangerous as the status quo. With the
addition or removal of any animal or species, there will always be some major issues in the ecosystem. I think that if we did emancipate all domesticated animals, the repercussions would be much worse than keeping the animals domesticated. Food shortages, overpopulation, and ecosystem destruction are some of the bad consequences that could
arise from that scenario. I think that, looking at the idea from an utilitarian perspective, it would actually be worse to do than keeping the animals domesticated.
Abortion is a very tricky moral issue. There are several motives at play in this particular sect of philosophy including the value to promote life and the value to protect human rights. Many organizations, including the Catholic Church, have taken special interest in this topic, and they argue very strongly from the moral perspective. This has been an incredibly difficult topic for me to decipher and come up with a moral solution that I feel is acceptable. My best solution entails an argument that is very similar to Judith Jarvis Thompson, but I have changed a few ideals.
Thompson argues that abortion can be justified in three different instances: pregnancy caused by rape, pregnancy caused by failed contraception, and when the woman's life is at risk. I agree with two of those three circumstances. The only situation that I have an issue with is the failed contraception. The woman has assumed the risks that are involved with sexual intercourse. She was (or should have been) perfectly aware of the risks that it entailed. While I understand that the use of contraception indicates a disinclination to becoming pregnant, it was still an assumed risk. The contraceptive companies are perfectly clear that there is still a risk of conception. I see no justification in getting an abortion due to
contraception failure.
The other point that Thompson brings up, is the concept of being a Good Samaritan. This concept I think is incredibly important when discussing abortion. I think that at any stage in its growth, the fetus has some moral value, because it is a potential life. It is not acceptable to receive an abortion for unjust reasons, because that is ignoring the fact that it is life. I think that the case for the rights of the fetus is even stronger after the point that it reaches sentience. At this point, the fetus does have significant IMS, and it cannot be harmed after this point. It is also important to mention that the state agrees with this concept in Roe v. Wade, especially because there is the chance of also causing the mother pain. In terms of development, the ability to feel pain is certainly an important landmark in the rights of life. I feel that it is important to not cause pain to anything including the fetus that you are carrying. Mothers should act quickly and effectively to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary pain. If they are successful in this endeavor, I have no issue with abortion.
The best counter-argument to my point entails the mother's own right to life and right to avoid pain and suffering. Shouldn't the mother be allowed to end the pain and protect her own life over the fetus? My response to this objection is that, yes, a woman does have the right to protect her own life. The mother's right to life does outweigh the fetus, because she has so much more to lose at this stage in her development. I will, however, still say that the mother is obligated to at least consider the potential life that she is ending. If she can possibly make the sacrifice, I would highly encourage her to do so and bring life into the world. If the mother does choose to make the choice to abort, they should do so quickly as to reduce the
possibility that the fetus will feel pain.
The death penalty in my mind is a very easy concept on an ethical basis. The concept of justice I think is incredibly important to keep in our society. Pretty much all moral philosophers will agree that punishment is a very important part of keeping society in order. From a legal standpoint, the death penalty is certainly legal, and I believe that it should stay that way. I think that the Retributivist argument is the strongest argument for this defense. There is without a doubt a sense of justice that must be enacted against bad acts. John Locke, a great philosopher, agrees with this point whole-heartedly. He acknowledged that this an important function of government to ensure that retribution is met. This is easily very true. The murderer has lost their independent moral standing, because they have committed a great moral crime. By committing this crime, they have relinquished their claim to moral standing. Therefore, adult murderers do not have any IMS when it comes to the right to not be killed. The method of killing, however, should not be overtly painful and cause unnecessary suffering. While death is appropriate, exorbitant pain is not. By causing such extreme pain, we act in an immoral manner, and therefore releasing our moral standing. As members of the moral community, we do not want to lose it, so we kill in a painless manner staying within our moral bounds.
Without the death penalty, there may be some vengeance type actions that will be taken by society. They will be either assaulted physically, or perhaps in a more devious and low way. By sentencing them to the death penalty, we acknowledge that they are still human and they are paying their price for their crime. It is a sense of respect for their humanity that we commit the death penalty. If they can act with dignity and acknowledgment of their wrong, they can be forgiven for what they have done. If the scales of justice are met, then everything is met. The families of those murdered are allowed to relieve their feelings of hate, and they
are able to move on from the tragedy.
The best argument I can foresee against my opinion is that this retributivist argument inherently argues that we should murder murderers, rape rapists, and torture torturers. Because we see this as absurd and immoral, they must still have some moral standing. I would say this to the objector: you have it backwards. It is not that the criminal still has moral standing, it is that we as a society still have moral standing. We do not want to relinquish our moral standing by committing the same crime that the criminal did. By lowering ourselves to their level, we do nothing more than give up our own rights. As a moral community, we can not abide by that kind of conduct.
This class has certainly opened my eyes to these important moral issues. I had never really considered the issues outside of the political realm. I was always more concerned about public policy, instead of the moral considerations. While I thought about my own set of morals when considering my political outlook, I never delved deep within myself. This course caused me to think more deeply about the topics and consider different opinions on them. While my basic intuitions about each issue were not changed, my explanation and logic behind them is much stronger. With the knowledge I have gained from this course, I feel that I can better explain my feelings and why my concepts are morally justifiable. The course did not change my opinions, but it did add numerous sources and logical conclusions to support my beliefs. I do now understand the importance of looking towards every issue and opinion with an open mind. Without doing so, it can affect my own development and the development of others as people. Ethics are an important concept in today's society, and it is important to understand them to be a better person.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Semester Complete: Mission Accomplished

So, today, I had my last final of my first semester of college. I have definitely had a ton of fun. I have (currently, so knock on wood) a 4.0 GPA, a great new friends, and a lot of positive changes. :D It's been a lot of fun, and I'm glad for it. I love the college life, but I don't mind being back home.

Don't worry FSU, I'll be back. :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poll Analysis, what is this Political Science?

So, after a number of people posted votes on my blog for my armies of destruction, it seems that there are two distinct choices.

For 40k, it seems that Tyranid are the most popular choice. I'm inclined to take their advice. Tyranid have always had a very strange attraction for me. Who doesn't like hordes of infantry supported by giant crushing monsters? In terms of strategy, I will likely use more big bugs than the tiny ones. Oh, and an assload of guns.

For Fantasy, I'm not entirely sure about the Warriors of Chaos choice. I'm thinking a horde of Khorne sounds like a ton of fun. Armored Berserkers of Doom! Dark Elves are a close second in my head...

I'll have to think a little more on this topic.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Orientation Video!

 Support the local game store! And don't do drugs!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seperate Asses?

So, my friend Nick got his new Dark Eldar models. I just wanted to point out, that I think these are the first models I have ever seen to have a separate ass from the rest of the legs. Just a fun thing to point out.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to all who have voted on my polls so far. The input is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

1500 Blood Angels

I was taking a look through the Blood Angles Codex, and their great geometric skillz. :P I thought of an interesting list concept and ran with it. Here is what I got:


Jump Pack

Jump Pack

3 Sanguinary Priests-225
Jump Packs

10 Assault Marines-200

10 Assault Marines-200

10 Assault Marines-200

30 Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Hit and Run, Precision Strike, Fearless Warriors of Doom!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bad to the Bone-Fantasy

So, after some 40k thoughts, here are my Fantasy thoughts.

Beastmen- Army looks pretty dang sweet, with the exception of a few models. The idea of ambush is also very very cool. The beasts are also really cool too. This is a good possibility.

Daemons of Chaos- I don't really have any interest. They look cool, and they are monstrous on the battlefield, but I don't care. :P

Dark Elves- They look awesome, and I dig the idea of a flurry of crossbow bolts. The balance is cool, and they definitely exemplify evil in the Old World. Probably a top choice.

Lizardmen?- Are they evil? Haha.

Ogre Kingdoms- Interesting for sure, but the models don't really suit my style. The monstrous infantry thing is pretty cool though.

Orcs and Goblins- Also a top choice. The variety and choices are definitely a plus. The chance to be stupid however is not.

Skaven- Island of Blood definitely makes this army a top choice. They look great, and the tactics seems like a ton of fun. Still needs some thought.

Tomb Kings- Undead is meh to me.

Vampire Counts- Undead is meh to me.

Warriors of Chaos- They seem to be crazy good, and they look awesome. Also, a top choice.

Some simple overview type thoughts. I'll put up another poll for this one. Thoughts?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bad to the Bone-40k

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! 

So, I have been debating on a new army project to start, but I'm steering away from the forces of Order. For both Fantasy and 40k, I have been debating on a new "Destruction" army for both, after I finish painting most of my Dwarves and Imperials.

So here are my thoughts on the races; we will start with 40k first.

Chaos Daemons- They look like a ton of fun. However, the prospect of getting ROFLstomped by a Land Raider is less than pleasing. Lots of assault capabilities, but not very much shooting. The models are pretty cheap and are really cool looking to paint and build.

Chaos Space Marines- Look good on paper, suck in the game. Some people can absolutely trash others with CSM, but others get crushed. I still can't really develop a build that I like and that works, but I would try hard to do so. I'm also trying to move away from Spaz Mareens.

Dark Eldar- Look badass, but they are definitely not my style. I kinda like my guys to take a few hits. :P

Necron- DESPERATELY need an update. I think they would be a lot of fun, but the models are kinda bland and the rules suck. If they got an update, I'd consider picking them up.

Orks- Fun, easy to play and build, but I'm not much of an Orky player. There is some potential, however, for me to change my mind.

Tyranid- Currently my optimum choice. I see Nids as being the most fun and most versatile. The number of models I would need, however, isn't terribly attractive.

Thoughts? I'll put up a later post on the Fantasy side of things.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dark Eldar Thoughts

So, my good friend Nick just bought the new Dark Eldar codex, and it is silly good. There are so many versatile units and weapons. Suddenly, with the addition of 2 blast pistols, your Wyches can snipe a vehicle or two. It's crazy. The speed and mobility can honestly counter any sort of MEQ type unit. I'm excited and a little fearful to fight against these sadists.

We did a few test combats just to see what would happen. Charging Wyches are crazy scary. They pretty consistently won combats by large margins, especially if the combat drug roll was in their favor. They aren't very sturdy in combat, but with the first strike, they weaken your forces.

The poison weapons mechanic is very nice, especially versus Tyranid and high toughness units. Even though they are unable to harm vehicles, they have plenty of Dark Lances for that.

The Arcane Wargear can also get a little crazy. There is one item called a Soul Trap that doubles your Strength for each IC or MC killed. Suddenly, you can have a S10 Archon -_- . Great.

I'm really excited for Nick to make this army. Dark Eldar seem to be a great new codex.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Red vs. Blue: The Magic Deck

So, after much discussion with friends about the best combination of colors in Magic, I have decided upon a Red and Blue combination. It allows for a lot of the Direct Damage Spells and low cost creatures, and the Battle Control mechanic. After a few playtests, It seems to work very very well. Thoughts?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video Games...

..just don't cut it for me anymore. I haven't really had the urge to play a console game in a very long time. While I don't have a video game system here at college anyway, it doesn't bother me all that much anyway. Sure, I think having one wouldn't be a bad idea, and it may be a ton of fun. On the whole, however, I have noticed that my preferred games have been those that don't involve a screen.

My family can attest to the fact that I used to be obsessed with video games. I never liked to go outside or do anything else aside from sitting in my room and playing my Nintendo or Playstation. The trend seemed to continue for a long period of time, until I was introduced into Warhammer 40,000 by my cousins. The concept that games of such complexity and interest existed was beyond me. Of course, I knew there was Monopoly and Scrabble, but those didn't involve story or background. Once I found Warhammer, I looked into Dungeons and Dragons and other trading card games. The trend continued, and I found more friends than I ever had with video games. All of these games seem to have one thing in common: Human Interaction.

While the Internet has become an integral part of current console gaming, it still doesn't capture the feeling of actually speaking to a live being. You can talk about your epic kill streaks all you'd like, but your friend wasn't there to experience. With 40k, however, you can share the games and share the moments. It's a nice feeling. On the more negative side, the Internet can certainly allow for anonymous dicks to ruin your experience. Face to face, however, that person is very unlikely to behave in such a fashion. Social gaming adds to the positive experience, and it also reduces the negative experience.

I can easily say that these games have introduced me to a number of great friends, and I am very glad that I found these types of games. It has gotten me out of my room and out into society. I am glad for my friends and the enjoyment I have had with these games and them.

Two Magic Planeswalkers: Which one?

So, I used the Magic the Gatherer index to try and find some planeswalkers I wanted to add into my decks and create a concept based around the use of these two cards.

Ajani would be a soldier enhancer and healer card. His use would be to essentially create a health ramp deck with some White Weenie (God that's a hilarious name). He would be a really fun card to use.

Koth would be a tactical nuke. He does damage to very specific cards, and the mana doubling and mountain attacking is awesome.

I just wonder which would be more effective. Hm...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I'm a member of a third party

So, today, as he has done several times during the semester, my political science professor has commented that it is much wiser to register with a major party. His logic is that you waste your vote for a primary candidate. I openly discussed with him that I have registered as a Libertarian instead of a Republican or Democrat. Simply out of humor, he called me "The Patron Saint of Hopeless Parties." I found it very funny, and I didn't mind the comment. This professor has honestly been one of the best teachers I have ever had, strictly in the education sense.

His comments did make me ponder my decision to join a third party. While I think labeling is an unnecessary and overdone phenomenon, I at least want to be labeled correctly. I do not wish to be associated with either of the major parties, as I see a large amount of hypocrisy within both of them. So, I intend to stick with my guns and register Libertarian. Sorry Dr. Simpson, but I'm gonna stick to my Lost Libertarians. :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

Conflicting Perspectives on Cable News

An interesting topic for my Politcal Science class. I wrote a short essay about it, and I wanted to post it up to get some thoughts. (Sadly, I could only write a one page paper, so it is much more abbreviated than I had originally wrote.) On a random note, Go Eagles!

The media has a very important function for our political environment, by bringing the political world closer to our hands. It bridges the gap between the White House and our house. A new trend that has appeared in our media broadcast has been the expanse of cable news networks. These broadcasts often go around twenty-four hours and give plenty of news updates. Fox News network and MSNBC are two very popular media broadcasts that actually have become partisan in their editorial work. Fox News is often a very conservative channel, and MSNBC is seen as a very liberal channel. I viewed two different broadcasters on November 11th, 2010: Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow.
The topic on the Bill O'Reilly program was a detailed interview with former President George W. Bush. They discussed many different topics including the economy, foreign policy, and President Obama. The President took a very candid approach to the interview and answered very honestly. I was surprised at his forward and direct speech of the former President. O'Reilly pushed Bush to talk about a variety of topics, despite the reluctance of the former President. The President considered many of the questions and answered as well as he could, but some of the topics Bush simply refused to answer. Bush wanted to advertise his new book, but he did not wish to be a part of the current “political scene” as he referred to it as.

The tone of the coverage was very pessimistic. While President Bush claimed to be very optimistic about the economy and the future of America, O'Reilly pushed back with many of the downturns of the state of the union. O'Reilly cited the foreign policy issues and economic issues the country faces. While Bush acknowledged these truths, he gave little more than his own opinion on them. The interview did not have a very noticeable bias associated with it. It seemed that O'Reilly did nothing more than his job as a broadcaster. I would likely watch this program again, but only if it was a similar program to this interview.

The other program hosted by Rachel Maddow consisted primarily of an interview with Jon Stewart, a famous political satirist. The interview consisted of again, a variety of topics including cable news, George W. Bush, and his own program. Jon Stewart had many things to say about these topics, and of course, he was ready to crack a joke about all of them. While I thought the interview was interesting, I thought that Maddow did not do a very good job. Stewart often contradicted her and seemed to dominate the discussions. While he is a satirical comedian, the wealth of knowledge that he brought to the table was surprising.

The tone of this interview was very scathing actually. Maddow certainly was not quiet about how she felt about each of the topics. She was argumentative and very defensive about her positions. Stewart gave some good ideas and logic behind his statements, but Maddow was quick to try and correct him. I think that without a question this episode had a strong liberal bias. It was apparent from the beginning of the interview. Maddow certainly did not appeal to me as a viewer in the slightest. I would probably not watch this program again.

While the stations as a whole have their own bias, these two broadcasters had their own personal biases. Each came from different sides of the political spectrum, and each of them gave their opinions on current affairs. Essentially, I learned that each station has their own biases and interests in mind. One must listen to the news and editorials presented, but they must dig deeper and try to form their own opinions.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Arkham Games Trip

Today, I went to the Arkham Games, and I played two games of Warhammer 40k. My first opponent was a Dark Angels player named Dalton. He brought a mix of normal Tactical Marines and threw in some Deathwing Terminators for flavor. Belial and Ezekial also made an appearance. It was a pretty straight-foward table edge, 4 objective game. I won fairly solidly, with 3 objectives in hand.

My second opponent was Ben, the tyranid expert up at Arkham. He brought an interesting ambush concept list with a Hive Tyrant with Hive Commander, 2 Zoanthropes with a spore, 3 Lictors, Ymgaril(sp?) Genestealers, 10 Termagants, a Tervigon, a Harpy, and a Trygon Prime. It was a very close, back and forth games, but in the interest of time, and the impending defeat, I conceded. It was actually my first defeat in a while, and it was definitely humbling. I chose some poor tactics, and I suffered. I enjoy a challenge, and Ben brings it.

I think next week, I may bring Tau. Its very tempting.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Magic: The Gathering, Man I got trashed

So, I went to local game store today (Arkham Games) and went into a Magic: The Gathering standard tourney. I was completely DESTROYED. The guy I played was a cool guy named Robert who had a complete elven deck that just pooped on my new Red/Black combo deck. He eventually came in second in the tourney.

It was slightly discouraging, but I think that it also inspired me to come up with new deck ideas. Now, I want to see if I can make a nice mana ramp deck for the other colors. Also, I want to try out a white, quick monster type deck. I'm interested a little more in the game because of that tourney.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm on a podcast!

I sent these guys an e-mail about my Shadow Guard, and they responded on the air! It's their first inaugural episode after dropping the Dice Like Thunder show. Listen if you'd like!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magic: The Gathering

So, I have recently gotten back into the game known as Magic: The Gathering. I used to play it with my buddies at home, but I kinda got out of it. Now it seems to be all the rage on campus. It makes sense. Its cheap (compared to some games), easy to learn, and fairly balanced.

Currently, I have black zombie deck, but it seems to be heavily based on non-standard cards. Now, I am slowly working on a white standard deck. For anyone who plays Magic regularly, any good suggestions for cards or sets? Standard sets preferably.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy update!

I've been madly painting my Dwarven throng for about 2 weeks now. Slowly, I have been applying some base coat black and throwing on a first coat of red. After looking at these gray midgets for about a year now, they finally have some color on them, and I'm excited.

I haven't actually been able to get a Warhammer Fantasy game since the move to FSU, but I have heard a lot about the new edition. Dwarves suddenly can charge! What?? According to many players, the extra 2d6 on the charge has turned Dwarves into a legitimate assault army. Along with that, the Fall In rules allow for me to simply inflict wounds with my Great Weapons! This is awesome!

If anyone out there plays some Dwarves, I'd love some advice and/tactics for 8th edition. As soon as I can find the money for the new book or Island of Blood set, I'll be sure to get some games in.

PS. My camera absolutely sucks. Sorry about the poor quality.

Adding in Some Mobility

So, After playing a few more games and getting some pro tips from the guys in The Eternal Warriors, I decided to make some points for a Rhino in my 1500 point Shadow Guard list. The Rhino will be attached to one of the tactical squads, which has a removed lascannon and an added multi-melta.

The List goes as follows:

Pedro Kantor-175

Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

5 Assault Terminators-200
4 TH/SS, 1 LC

10 Sternguard-285
2 Meltaguns, 1 Powerfist
Drop Pod-35

10 Tactical Marines-180
Meltagun, Multi-Melta
Sergeant with Meltabombs

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

5 Devastators-150
1 Sergeant with Signum, 4 Missile Launchers

5 Devastators-150
1 Sergeant with Signum, 4 Missile Launchers

Total: 1500 points.

Thoughts on the revision?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Political Note

First post in a very long time. Just thought I would add this.

In other news, I am officially an English Major with a concentration in Education!

Here is the note:

I find it very very amusing that democrats are depressed at the results of these elections. My question to those of you who feel this way: Are you really that surprised? Political Analysts have been predicting this reversal for months now. In reality, the party has no one to blame but themselves. Consider the fact that the Democrats controlled both legislative houses, the executive, and have placed 2 supreme court justices. What more control did they need? Seriously. Please, give me your responses. I am curious. PS. Before you respond, consider my political affiliation. If you don't know, look at my info page. It's NOT Republican. I find BOTH parties hypocritical. I am simply a commentator looking for some intellectual stimulation

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Purple Space Wolves?

So, I am debating whether or not I should "induct" my Space Wolves into the Shadow Guard. The prospect of 40 more marines, 2 rhinos, some land speeders and other misc. stuff is too good to pass up. Plus, I could easily play either codex with the force, For that matter, I could play any marine codex! Which means, I can acquire more fun stuff! Yay!

The Arena of Nightmares.

This is a piece I wrote for a writing club I have joined on campus. It was inspired by the new Dark Eldar codex. So here it is:

The Arena of Nightmares

Drusus snapped back into reality as his face slammed into the coarse blood-stained sand. He spat furiously trying to remove the salty taste of dirt in his mouth. The roar of applause, laughter and jeering hit his eardrum like a mallet. As he struggled to rise up off the filthy ground, his vision blurred into focus. He brushed off his military fatigues and took in his surroundings. Everything was almost pitch black dark, save a few violet torches mounted upon the walls. Drusus looked around him. He was surrounded by fifteen foot high walls with vicious looking spikes, some of which had severed heads skewered upon them. Above the walls, stadium seating rose high into the devilish sky. As Drusus peered into the shadow, he realized the actuality of this Emperor forsaken place. He was about to fight for his life in one of the fabled gladiator arenas found on the planet Comorragh, home of the sadistic Dark Eldar.

Drusus had heard of the crazed Dark Eldar, but he only knew of them through stories the sergeants spread around. The sergeants told them of torture chambers and lithe dark creatures stabbing and prodding with all sorts of heinous devices. They also spoke of gladiator arenas and fighting against horrid creatures. Drusus scoffed at these tales and thought they were a load of groxshit. As a member of the Imperial Guard, the hammer of the Imperium of Man, you heard quite a number of tales. Many of them were quite terribly to hear. For the most part, Drusus ignored them. Giant green warriors and creatures that cast bouts of fire from their palms? Who on Terra would believe that sort of nonsense? Granted, the galaxy was a big place, but the reality of that seemed unlikely. He put it aside as rumor and myth, content with his post on Aldera as a Planetary Defense Force with the rest of his platoon. Sadly, he was not going to be content much longer.

The last thing Drusus could remember was a raid on his post. He leaped out of his quarters carrying a standard Laspistol hearing the brutally loud alarms. As he turned a corner, he remembered feeling a small sting like an angry hornet in the back of his neck. His vision blurred and his veins were searing with agony as the neurotoxins flowed through him. He fell to the ground almost immediately, and he could hardly remember anything since. 

Now, he realized that these stories were real. He was going to die, and there was almost no way to stop it. Suddenly, he forgot all military training and doctrine, and he was overcome by the innate instinct of survival. This gave him a sense of false bravado, but he was not going out without a fight.

At this thought, a loud clattering behind him caught his attention. He turned and noticed a chainsword sitting by his feet. The weight of the weapon felt good as his lifted it from the sand. Viscera and gore stained the blade, chunks still caught in the razor sharp teeth of the blade. Drusus pressed the ignition rune and felt the power of the blade. The teeth spun rapidly along the length of the blade, creating a small roar amongst the cacophony of the crowd. He said a quick prayer to the Emperor, asking for strength to win this fight. Drusus closed his eyes and then looked across the arena to the portcullis on the opposite end. He saw through the dim lighting, a slim man seating upon a dais. The man seemed to be lounging, being fed by two naked women. The man slapped away the women, and he rose from his seat. In a harsh language, he shouted to the audience. They responded with a roar of anticipation and excitement. The man gestured strangely, and the portcullis began to raise.

Taking a defensive stance, Drusus waited for his opponent to appear through the gate. Time seemed to drag as he awaited his foe. Yet, no being seemed to appear. Confusion swept over Drusus as he began to lower his guard. He peered around looking for some sign of a adversary. 

As he lowered his chainsword to thigh, a strong force flung him forward. The center of his back arched forward as he heard his spine crack and bend. He once again fell down into the dirt, the rotting stench of flesh assaulting his senses. He groaned loudly, spitting a tiny amount of blood from his mouth. A painful flash enveloped his chest as he tried to rise. He lifted his head up once more trying to gain awareness, when a strong uppercut to the throat sent him flying upward. Gravity seemed to not exist as he was bodily lifted into the air, but it came back as he slammed back down to the hard earth. 

The wind was slammed out of Drusus as he made contact with the floor. He had never been in so much pain in his entire life. As he lie upon the dirt, he could feel blood rushing through his entire body. Why couldn't he see his attacker? Was it really that fast? Loud booing and hissing echoed through the stadium. Clearly, the spectators were not satisfied with this fight. Suddenly a sense of spite and hatred rose in Drusus, adrenaline subduing the sensation of pain. Gritting his teeth, Drusus rose off the ground and stood, teetering slightly. He looked forward and saw his torturer grinning manically. 

It was a female, tall, lithe, and clearly dangerous. She was almost completely naked, with armor only upon her breasts and upper thighs. She had very long black hair, and incisors that gleamed pearly white as she smiled. Upon her belt were two knives, which looked as if they had been forged by the black-smiths of hell. She stood about ten feet away, hands on her hips, looking at Drusus like he was a poorly behaved pet. While she was certainly the spawn of evil, there was a seductiveness that even Drusus could not deny. Drusus made eye contact with the succubus, and when she winked, he was filled with a righteous rage. He would not let this vile creature antagonize him like this. 

“For the Emperor!” He yelled and began to charge forward brandishing the chainsword with two hands. Running with all of his might, he knew that he would have to be bold to have any chance of survival. Once he was within striking distance, the woman stepped back and suddenly disappeared from sight. The momentum of his reckless charge carried his sword forward, lodging it in the earth. He quickly tried to pull it free, but the wych had already landed several blows. She was deadly accurate, ensuring all blows did severe muscle damage. In addition to her accuracy, she was fast. Milliseconds passed as she landed jab after jab. Drusus finally managed to dislodge his weapon and like a crazed berserker began to wildly swing his only hope of survival. The roar of the chainsword pierced his ears, and he flailed attempting to cause some damage. All the while, the demon continued to cause his severe pain. He gradually lost feeling in his arms, and his strength was waning. Slowing his attacks, he felt a presence behind him. With more speed than he anticipated, he whirled around and slashed at the belly of the beast. 

The teeth of the chainsword dug into her flesh, unleashing her internal organs. She made a small noise of pain and fell to the ground, clutching her entrails. Drusus backed up and nearly collapsed to the ground. He leaned upon his sword, gasping for breath as the pain soon overpowered his natural endorphins. The wych fell to the ground, breathing heavily, nursing the large gash in her belly. The crowd was deathly quiet, clearly taken aback by this turn of events. Drusus knew he would have to end it quickly. He strode over quickly raising his sword to cleave her body in two. Then he looked again into the eyes of the creature. Pain flashed across her expression, and Drusus felt some sympathy for her. He paused for a moment, considering the fate of this animal.

Suddenly, he felt a gushing of blood and pain located in the crotch of his pants. He paused, gasping in agony, and looked down. One of the knives had been lodged there, clearly thrown by the demon. He collapsed as pain and loss of blood over came him. Rolling over, he grasped the knife, trying to pull it free. As he opened his eyes, the wych was standing above him, holding the other knife in her hand. She deftly threw it in between his eyes. Drusus finally had met his end.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 3

Game 3

So, after the second round, I have 36 battle points. There is one person above me, a Tyranid player named Ben with 38. Oh boy.

Here is his list. From the best of memory and knowledge:

Tyranid Prime with 2 Boneswords
2 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthropes
Doom of Malantai with a mycetic spore
4 Tyranid Warriors
15 Hormagaunts
15 Hormagaunts
10 Termagaunts with Fleshborers
10 Termagaunts with Fleshborers
Trygon Prime

The mission was again objectives. There was an altar in the middle that created small blasts that gained Strength as the game went on if it was not already contested. Around the altar was 4 other smaller objectives. The setup was table quarters. Luckily I managed to take a corner with plenty of cover and buildings.

Naturally Ben set up as close to me as possible. Particularly the Trygon and Tervigon. He set up a wave type assault with the big bugs in front, the warriors and Hive guard, and in the far back, the Hormagaunts and Termagaunts.

I castled up hard with devastators, a tactical squad, terminators with Librarian and I combated one of the others to capture the objective near to the building. I was expecting a full on rush. 

Turn 1, Ben moved everything foward. One squad of hormagaunts was going around a ruin to get an objective nearby and get cover. The rest of everything was moving towards me quickly.

My turn, I dropped my Sternguard near the building, but it scattered right toward the trygon, obscuring it giving it some cover. DAMN.  So, firing missiles, hellfire bolters, and lascannons only took out 3 wounds. Some bolter fire knocked out a few termagants. The full squad started moving towards the same objective as the sneaky hormagants. The terminators and librarian teleported towards the center, but off a slight bit.

His turn, more fleeting along with some spawned termagaunts. His Doom had yet to appear. A squad of hormagants, termagaunts, and the trygon fired on the sternguard, but thankfully only killed 2. The assault from the three however was much worse. The Trygon knocked out Pedro, but 5 Sternguard were killed. 5 gants were killed, but the Sternguard broke and ran away. Suddenly Ben had 2 objectives to my zero. Oh boy.

On turn massed firing knocked out all of the gants on the objectives. I didnt even bother with the Big Bugs, I just needed the objectives free to pick up later. My Terminators charge the rest of the gants on the center objective and kill the squad, contesting the middle.

On his turn, more moving and spawning and objective taking. The Doom also lands behind my castle. Ugh. The Doom knocks out a couple marines, and the Sternguard are run down by the Trygon. More gaunts fire and charge my Terminators and manage to survive with taking some casualties. They are fearless due to the Tervigon. Ugh again. This looks like a tough one to make it through. But I have a chance.

Again, more torrenting manages to free the objective. My combat squad and big tactical squad manage to take two objectives.

Game ends due to time. His Tervigon was short of the center, and so was the sneaky Hormagants. A victory for the Shadow Guard! I wish we had more to play it out, I think that the game may have gone either way.

In total, I had 50 Battle Points, and the lead over Ben. Best Overall and $50 dollars to Arkham.

Great Success.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 2

Game 2

My next opponent was John. He actually brought a Daemons Army. Unfortunately, he did not have an extra copy of his list, so this is what I remember:

Lord Of Change
Herald of Tzeentch
Wings, Bolt of Tzeentch, We are Legion
10 Bloodletters
10 Plaguebearers
Icon, Noxious Touch, Musician
10 Plaguebearers
Icon, Noxious Touch, Musician
10 Horrors with the Changeling
4 Fiends
Daemon Prince
Khorne, Wings, Iron Hide

    The game was a modified objectives mission. There were 3 objectives, 2 Gun Emplacements and a Bastion in a line on the center of the board. The Bastion was worth 2 objectives and the Emplacements were worth 1. The setup was a Dawn of War setup, which normally I despise, but it worked out in my favor. I had won the roll-off for deployment, so I was able to take the 1 Gun Emplacement and the center Bastion almost immediately, with a smaller threat of retribution.

     My first turn consisted of my Devs moving on the table, along with my Terminators. The Sternguard dropped over on the right emplacement. My tactical squads took up firing positions near the two objectives.

     John rolled for his Daemonic Assault and sadly rolled a 2, choosing his second half. It consisted of the Lord of Change, the Daemon Prince, the Bloodletters, and the Plaguebearers.

    The Lord of Change hit directly next to the middle bastion, the Daemon Prince landed behind a buidling and the bloodletters landed directly next to the Gun Emplacement. Shooting Phase he spent running and spreading out with most of his units, and fired off a Bolt of Change, but it was negated by my Librarian.

    My second turn I unleashed my firepower on all of his units. With the help of Null Zone, I took out 3 Plaguebearers and the whole squad of Bloodletters.

    On his turn, all of his reserve units came down. He had his entire army on the field; I definitely wasn't expecting that. Again, each of his units landed next to my units. His herald of Tzeentch next to the far left squad, another squad of Plaguebearers, Epidemius, and the Fiends next the middle squad, and horrors next to my Sternguard. He shot at the left squad with his Herald and incinerated 1 with a Bolt of Change, His Lord of Change shot at the Terminators and killed 1 Terminator. His horrors shot at the Sternguard and managed to kill 2. His Plaguebearers assaulted the far left squad and managed to kill 1 Marine without taking any casualties. Morale check failed. Stubborn Ld 9? Sigh. Managed to get away and back away 8 inches.

    Turn Three. Time to unload. The regrouped squad annihilates the Herald of Tzeentch. The Middle Squad fires at the Fiends and kills 2. The Terminators prepare to assault the Plaguebearers. The Devs light up the plaguebearers causing 2 casualties, and the now exposed Daemon Prince which surprisingly took 1 wound. The Sternguard fire upon the Horrors and kill about 6. The Terminators assault the Plaguebearers, take no wounds and managed to kill 5. Combat resolutions kills another 2.

    How does John respond? Lots of assault. Everything moves into assault except the Lord of Change which takes a few potshots at the middle squad of Marines and kills two. His left Plaguebearers move back to the objective and take cover. The Fiends assault my middle squad of Marines, and the Horrors and the Daemon Prince assault Pedro and the Sternguard. The Fiends manage to kill 1 and take two casualties back. Combat resolution kills none. The Plaguebearers all fall to the wrath of the Terminators, leaving only Epidemius who is at full wounds. The Horrors are beaten down thanks to Pedro and his aura of fantastic. Pedro takes a wound from the Daemon Prince, but deals two wounds! Vote for Pedro! The Daemon Prince then falls to combat resolution. Damn.

   On my turn, everything else dies. The Marines slowly defeat the Plaguebearers on the left, the Fiends are destroyed, as is Epidemius by the Terminators. This leaves only the Lord of Change which attacks the Librarian and the middle squad. The Lord of Change whiffs and takes a wound.

   Game ends due to time. I have two objectives to his none. With my first game ever against Daemons in the books, they are very not scary. I'm sure someone will come along and manhandle me, but for now, I am content. Null Zone!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Develop them. I certainly have learned that at college. If the professors know you by name, they will vouch for you and give you their support. It's really quite amazing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arkham Insanity Recap: Game 1

So, here we go. A few abrigded (kinda) battle reports. This is Game 1.

My list: 1500 Point Shadow Guard Strike Force

Pedro Kantor-175

Gate of Infinity, Null Zone

10 Sternguard-285
2x Meltaguns, Power Fist
Drop Pod-35

5 Assault Terminators-200
1 Lightning Claw, 4 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

Game 1.

My first game was against a Blood Angels player named Jason. He brought this list:

Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Heavy Flamer, Chainfist

Sanguinary Priest-75
Jump Pack

Tactical Squad-205
10 Marines, Power Fist, Meltagun

Tactical Squad-170
10 Marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher

Assault Squad-215
10 Marines, Power Weapon, Meltabombs, Flamer

Land Raider Crusader-260

Siege Shield

The mission was an interesting one. It was a modified version of the kill points type mission. The number of kill points the squad was worth depended on the total points of the unit. Essentially each 100 point increment equaled 1 Kill Point. Bonus Points were earned through killing the highest kill point unit of the opponent and keeping yours alive. The setup was a pitched battle set-up with 6 turns of play.

Jason won the roll-off and deployed his forces in a spread formation allowing him to fill all assault lanes. The table set-up was such that 3 lanes were made with scare, small cover was presented. This scared the piss out of me. Either I stopped him quickly, or not at all. In my left lane, he had a vindicator, and a tactical squad on foot, the middle lane contained his land-raider, and the right lane contained the rhino with a tactical squad and assault squad.

I set up my two tacticals spread out in the left lane hugging the back table edge, my devastators in the middle hugging the back table, and the Terminators and Librarian on the far right lane foward. Pedro and the Sternguard were drop podding.

Jason rolled Blood Rage for the foot-slogging marines. Bad luck on that one.

His first turn was fairly strong, his fast vindicator moved a killed off a few tactical marines and everything else moved foward as well. On my turn, I took a giant risk by dropping my sternguard literally in front of the Land Raider. The Terminators and Librarian then gated into the middle slightly behind the sternguard. On my shooting phase I destroyed the demolisher cannon off of the vindicator, blew up the Land Raider, stunned the Rhino and killed 1 Terminator and 3 of the Assault Marine squad. Wow.

And that essentially ended the game for him. His vindicator was gunned down by Lascannons, his Terminators wrecked by Sternguard and Pedro, Rhino and Tactical Squad destroyed by Terminators and Librarian. And the Assault Marine squad gunned down by Krak Missiles and eventually my tactical squads. By the end of turn 6, he was down to a half squad of marines with everything else destroyed.

I earned a major victory and 1 Bonus Point for destoying his highest kill point unit: The Land Raider.

Game 2 is on the way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I apologize for the length in time it took to post again. Life has been hectic.

Today, I attended the 1500 point Warhammer 40k tournament held at the Arkham Games near Frostburg. In summary, I won best overall!

Here it is, The Shadow Guard Strike Force.

And my Award!

I will post a summary of the games soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

College is Fantastic.

So, Today was my first day of classes here at FSU.

College is amazing.

Freedom of choice is a grand thing. You just need to make the right ones.

My day consisted of:
Wake Up
Parking Permit
Food Lion

Jesus, I can get so much done, and I LOVE IT.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I will miss you all.

When I first came here, I wasn't all that thrilled. After time has passed, it has grown on me. I enjoy this place and the people in it.

Good-bye to all of my friends and family. I know this seems rather drastic for perhaps such an inconsequential event, but it really hit me. I love you guys. Really, I do. My life has changed, and I have become who I am now because of all of you. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Thanks for reading this. I don't mean to be a sob story, but I feel much better now. :)

A new chapter begins..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Capitalism Works!

So, the post office lost my shipment of college textbooks. They claim to have delivered them, but I'll just stick with they remember wrong :P. They told me I had to file a claim and only maybe would I get my money or books.

A quick call to, the company who sent the books, and they have a next day shipment to replace the books.

The difference between the two? A federally run organization who gets paid whether the recipient gets their package or not and a company who requires the shipping for customers to continue to do business. They are motivated to perform to customer satisfaction. Otherwise, the customers will cease doing business.

Forget you, Leftist agendas. The Right is Correct.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Physical Memories

So, in an effort to keep all audiences entertained, this is my first post about something not Warhammer.

As I pack up my entire room, I have across many different items: Trophies, books, CDs, and mostly garbage. Anyway, it led me to think about the need to keep such items that may have some substantial value to me. My baseball trophies, my medals from Robotics, and the other "awards" I have earned.

I decided I don't need to keep them. I think the more important part of the memory is the feeling and sense of personal accomplishment. I didn't do those things for the cute little trophy at the end. I did it for the satisfaction I felt. I had fun, and that is the more important part of the event.

I remember. So I am happy.

We'is Sept Tau

So, along with my Space Marines, I also collect Tau. Interestingly enough, Tau were the first army I wanted to collect, but peer pressure of "They suck at Close Combat" kept me away. After a while, my buddy had some Tau stuff and i bought it from him and have made it my own.

I haven't developed any major fluff for them, but the concept I have in mind is that they are on a planet with a large amount of water, and the Tau, being the Technocrats they are, have learned to exist underwater. The name came from Weis Markets, my first job. The blue I chose for the Tau was strangely similar to the blue of my work polo. So, i named the Sept World We'is.

Anyway here are some pics:

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Shadow Guard

Here is my brain child of Warhammer 40k: The Shadow Guard

Shadow Guard Fluff

The Shadow Guard chapter is of the 2nd founding. Their blood line can somewhat be traced to Corax and Raven Guard, but the exact link is not clear. The history of the chapter’s Inception is blurred. Their home planet is called Nox, and it is located on the eastern part of imperial space. Nox is a unique planet, due to its frequent eclipses. The people of Nox, however, have sufficient technology to survive, but the darkness still impedes their lives. Most of Nox is covered by hive cities, with few large manors surrounding them. The Shadow Guard have made their fortress in the Black Mountains, a good distance from any other civilization. While they are far away from the people, they do not make a secret of their presence. Often, when Nox is under attack, the Shadow Guard come from their fortress and fight to save as many people as they can. Often, from the PDF and militia, the Shadow Guard choose those exceptional few to come and possible ascend to the ranks of their chapter. There is no celebration or word given, the initiates are taken to the mountain, never to return.

The Shadow Guard follow several of the tenets of the Codex Astartes. But, for the most part follow the word of their founder Drusus, and his teachings stored in the tome pare bellum. In this volume, he includes all of his favored tactics, and gives his knowledge of war. Drusus was not a particular holy man, or even considered those with divine power. Have no doubt, that he revered the emperor for his might and power. He, however, looked down upon those who ruined his name with superstition and fear. The shadow guard, in turn, have little in the ways of battle rites or traditions. Purple, Black, Gray and silver make up their armor colors. Their heraldry is simple, numbers and a skull as their emblem. They fight together as one, and they have faith in themselves and humanity.

Certain qualities were emphasized by Drusus. First, Drusus was fond of the word impunity. To fight with impunity, was to win the fight. So, Drusus emphasized that having the upper hand was key to winning a battle. So, often the Shadow Guard employ more firepower and ballistics compared to most chapters. They can still fight in melee, but prefer to attack with impunity. In terms of weapon loadout, tactical squads prefer a plasma gun/missle launcher combination, allowing for maximum range. Some squads also meltaguns/ lascannon for the tank hunting capability. Often the sergeant carries a power weapon. Second, Drusus emphasized the idea of brain over brawn. A smart fighter always has the advantage over a stupid fighter. Thus, every marine is a philosopher of war in their own right. They hone their physical skills, but hone their mental skills even farther. Every maneuver, attack, and defense is calculated and precise. Third, Drusus emphasized the trait of wisdom. Experience brings about wisdom good reasoning. Therefore, veterans are more heavily used for their increased knowledge. Sternguard, Dreadnoughts, and Terminators are common in a shadow guard strike force. The elites have fought the enemy many times and know their ways. Also, the veterans do not move into their own company, but are spread out into the other companies to spread their wealth of information. Scouts are employed very seldomly.

Perhaps the most famous company of the Shadow Guard is the 1th company led by Brother-Captain Anias. They are known for the defense of Ioune against the renegade Death Serpents. They also have repelled several different Waaagh!s from Nox, and other surrounding planets. The 1th company also destroyed a necron tomb world, and prevented the awakening of more Necron forces. This is their story…

Battle of the Ruins- Brother-Captain Anais and his forces almost completely destroyed by Ork forces. 1st Company Terminator Squad withstood the charge of the warboss and his boys and managed to survive until Anais could lend aid. Anais holds his ground, keeping the Orks from a key location, until reinforcements arrive, killing almost 10 Orks single-handedly. (Opponent- Seth Rinker. 2/21/10, Hobbytown. 1000 Battle line, Control Ground. Result: Draw)

Hill 72- Forces destroyed by Chaos rebels. Unfortunately, Abaddon the Despoiler, curse his name, joined the forces and almost single-handedly destroyed all forces. Chaplain Minos was also killed. Anais barely escaped with his life. (Opponent- Sean, 5/1/10, Hobbytown. 1000 table corners, Annihilation, Result: Defeat)

Battle of the Grox- Furious battle fought over important Grox farms. Warboss Curbstompa led small band of orks against the farm near the Shadow Guard fotress monastery. Majority of Grox survived leaving a few to the ravenous orks. Large Portion of orks destroyed. (Opponent- Sean, 7/13/10, Hobbytown, 1500 Pitched Battle, Secure and Control, Result: Victory)

Necron Ambush- As Brother Captain Anias and his company were searching through a possible tomb world, a necron scout force attacked them. The Captain quickly rallied his forces and annihilated them. But as they continued on, the awful C’tan known as the Deciever brought a secondary force. Brother Captain Anias quickly called for a retreat. (8/13/10, Brandon Stenger, 2000 Ambush Necron Battle Mission. 2 Games Victory and then Defeat)

Black Crusade- Cursed Abbadon called for another crusade attacking Nox. Forces were prepared for the onslaught and fought viciously. Casualties on both sides were taken, the skirmish ended in a retreat by the Shadow Guard. (Opponent- Sean 8/17/10, 2000 Black Crusade, Defeat. [By one kill point!])

Victory Lane- Abbadon strikes again. Forces completely destroyed by superior armor. Tactical decisions are needed. (Opponent- Sean 8/21/10, 2000 Victory Points, Corners, tabled [Sean’s first tabling of me, of which I am rather happy for him])

Shadow Guard Marine

So, in an effort to learn this user interface and to delve into my Warhammer exploits, here is a picture of the first Space Marine I painted for my DIY chapter, the Shadow Guard.

The First Post

Hello, everyone!

My name is Dobie, and this is the start of my blog. I decided to make this blog for my occasional random thoughts and interests. This includes Warhammer, Theatre, Video Games, and other general topics of Nerdom. As to the title of the blog, my "big break" was being Dobie Gillis in my high school production of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. So, I thought it would make a good alias.

I will probably post army pictures, battle reports, advice (what little I can give), questions, and just random thoughts. Like I said, all realms of Nerdom will be covered :)

I love to write, and I intend to major in English. So, I will likely be writing quite a bit. The only way to get better is to practice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If I haven't bored you yet, you should definitely follow me.